Restor - a new open data platform of ecological info to support your work

Restor - a new open data platform of ecological info to support your work

Hello all,

By way of introduction, we are the Crowther Lab at ETH Zurich, an interdisciplinary team of scientists which aims to generate an improved understanding of global ecology in order to address climate change and biodiversity loss. 

In 2019, we quantified the global potential for tree restoration, identifying the potential to restore 0.9 billion hectares. As advisors to the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration and by the World Economic Forum, we actively support scientifically-informed and ecologically-responsible conservation and restoration of Earth’s ecosystems. 

We would love to invite conservation practitioners to collaborate on a new open data platform of ecological insights for global conservation and restoration community. It’s called Restor and was announced during Prof. Thomas Crowther’s talk during the TED Countdown Event in October.

When it launches in 2021, Restor will enable field practitioners, land managers and local communities to analyze, monitor and share their efforts.

Restor will be science-based; open-access; spatially explicit; and global.

  • Science Based: Provide the latest scientific data and models that improve over time with ground data
  • Open Access: Easy access to ecological information and summaries
  • Spatially Explicit: Insights summarized at the site-level
  • Global: Data for any point on land, across all ecosystems

Join an ever growing group of organizations all over the world sharing project location information (i.e. polygons) and guiding the platform’s development before it is public:

Or contact me ( to learn more about it over a call.

Looking forward to being in touch!

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over 1 year ago

Thank you for sharing this with us Simeon. @Frank van der Most this may be of interest to you!

Go to the profile of Frank van der Most
over 1 year ago

It is and I knew about it, but that could have been different. So, thank you for the tip, @Lize Gibson-Hall !