WildHub Festival 2021: a 'fireside chat' with Authors & Educators on a Mission

An introductory clip introducing the members of this small group of writers, educators and conservationists.

Authors & Educators on a Mission members @Kevin Albin @Gloria Barnett @Neil Kitching and Alan J. Hesse have a chat with @Lucy Tallents about the intersection of fiction and non-fiction writing, environment, climate action and optimism. This clip introduces the group and the why it exists. 

Thanks to @Thirza Loffeld for making this event happen. 

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Go to the profile of Thirza Loffeld
almost 2 years ago

Love this snippet of the evening - thank you for sharing, Alan!

@Gloria Barnett, your comment about the children who are reading your Lucy stories was really inspiring! When you mentioned that one child had come back and said to you: "I really liked this book, because it made me feel that I could make a difference to the world". Could I perhaps ask all of you @Kevin Albin and @Neil Kitching to add your website links to your WildHub profiles so people can get in touch/find out more about your work as authors? Thank you!

Go to the profile of Kevin Albin
almost 2 years ago

It's done, thanks, Thirza.