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I'm looking forward to meeting and learning from everyone.

I'm the national reptile and amphibian program development coordinator for Wildlife Preservation Canada.

I have managed a number of regional field research projects with 2-20 staff in the past. I am prioritizing and creating projects focused on connecting the ex-situ actions with the in-situ community for my current role.


Hannah Mccurdy-Adams

Reptile and Amphibian Program Development Coordinator, Wildlife Preservation Canada

I am a conservation biologist that has been involved in conservation projects for at-risk reptiles and amphibians in Canada for almost a decade. I have an MSc in Biology from Laurention University, Ontario, Canada. I'm currently prioritizing and developing conservation projects for Canada's rarest reptiles and amphibians. I volunteer for citizen science projects, like iNaturalist and eBird. I enjoy herping (searching for wild reptiles and amphibians), swing dancing, and stitching in my spare time.
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