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Founder & Executive Director , Peace for conservation

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David Kabambo is the founder and Executive Director of Peace for Conservation (PFC ) and holds a B. A. degree in Social Work, a Postgraduate Diploma in Wildlife Management, and is presently working towards a Master’s degree in Natural Resource Management and Assessment. 

David has a particular skill-set in supporting the transformation of people’s understanding and viewpoints regarding the benefits of conservation. He has had real impacts at the grassroots level, working with bush meat poachers, for alternative livelihoods such as wildlife conservation educators. He has developed and implemented a highly successful employment schemes whereby former poachers a recruited as community conservation educator, they visit at schools and local communities to advocate wildlife conservation, the wider benefits to Tanzania’s national income (for example eco-tourism) and provide real-life testimonials regarding the negative impacts of the bush-meat trade.

Since 2016, David has donated 47 tricycles to disabled person greatly increasing their comfort and ability to lead normal lives. He has set himself a goal of donating 100 tricycles by 2025. He is keen that local disabled person do not miss out on experiencing local wildlife, such as the magical ‘Big Five’  and has arranged dedicated tours to the Serengeti. National park .He also feels that these persons living close to protected areas in the Serengeti ecosystem have a vital and active role as ambassadors for wildlife conservation.

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How can i get PDF document for stake holders engagement for conservation 

I will appreciate if i can have it through dkabambo@gmail.com

Dear Felsal Malk

Keep up, our organization Peace for conservation, we have a program of CHILD MEDIA, we empower children.

Enjoy watching Janet Mkami Young reporter for wildlife conservation 


We empower children to tell their own wildlife and conservation stories trough media.

 Janet host poacher: Here


Janet interviewing rangers.


 David and Janet


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I have a paper , journal, share your email so that i  can send, I don't know to publish  journal in this platform , My email dkabambo@gmail.com