Hi, I'm Rachel. I work for Severn Rivers Trust as a Volunteering Officer (which means I get to do lots of exciting stuff outdoors). I'm currently working on a project called Unlocking the Severn where I co-ordinate a team of Citizen Scientists to collect data on the shad migration run each year. We also collect data on the salmon run and do some river invertebrate stuff. Alongside the Citizen Science, we also carry out practical habitat management within the catchment of the River Severn. It's great fun!

Before I took this role, I worked as a Research Tech for the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine- a slight detour out of conservation for two years but a great learning experience that greatly increased my research skills. Prior to this, I spent several years working as a Park Ranger, spending my spare time carrying out traineeships with various organisations.

I really love insects and I'm always happy to chat about the weird and wonderful bugs you may come across. My Twitter is full of moths and anything else I find when I'm out and about!


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almost 2 years ago

Welcome Rachel! Look forward to hearing more about your work.

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almost 2 years ago

Hello Rachel, that does sound like a fun job! What is your twitter account? I'd love to hear more about the moths and other critters you find on your adventures. B

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almost 2 years ago

Hi Beth, its @racheldavies110