Uniting Communities in Conservation

Will you help turn locals into Parrot Conservation Heroes?
Uniting Communities in Conservation

Chicks from up to 90% of wild Yellow-naped Amazon Parrot nests are still being poached every single year! For the critically endangered Great Green Macaw, the lack of forest remains a threat. And the COVID-crisis has resulted in mass unemployment locally.

Your support today can turn locals into Conservation Heroes! 

Making TWICE the impact, your gift will:

  • Empower two local fishermen to monitor and protect nests of wild Yellow-naped Amazon Parrots;
  • Empower ten local women to develop a locally-led reforestation program for Great Green Macaws;
  • Secure a long-term future by Uniting Communities in Conservation & planting Native Trees for Macaws!

Will you empower these Rangers and help put the boots in the field? Let’s Unite Communities in Conservation! 

   ~ Your gift today will be Matched* ~

*up to $15,000

Your donation is being processed by our partner World Parrot Trust-USA and will be redirected to support efforts at the Macaw Recovery Network in Costa Rica.

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Hi, Pam. Thanks for your contribution to the platform! To help spread the message, could you post this in the "Collaborate and help others" room?