Do your best to save the biodiversity

"Together we act, together we survive"
Do your best to save the biodiversity

I'm Rashedul from Bangladesh. My major is in Marine Science. Now, I am looking for a master in this field. And, I want to build a career as a marine conservationist. I work as an Ocean Educators and run an awareness campaign for local people to be more eco-friendly and Active for nature.

When I was nine, my friends and I used to chase the Red Crabs and Mudskippers at the Shitakunda Beach of the Bay of Bengal my birthplace. However, when I grow up and I discovered that there were no red crabs and mudskippers left on the beach, they had been lost forever. There was a fishing village too. Unfortunately, fishermen were losing their interest and shifting to other occupations because they were not getting enough fish. The oil from the shipbreaking industry polluted the coastal environment. In my science class, I was introduced to biodiversity and conservation. It made me understand that conserving our biodiversity and preventing extinction, will lead a sustainable life for everyone. 

So, we can say "Together we act, together we survive"

Caption: Observing tidepool organisms in Saint Martin Island, Bangladesh.

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over 1 year ago

A warm welcome to WildHub Rashed and thank you for sharing your inspiring story about the importance of the work that we do in biodiversity conservation! We also have a Marine conservation room to bring together people of a similar interest and line of work, which you may find helpful in your career development. Please find a link below. For any advice, feel free to make use of our Question and Answer section (second link). Wishing you a wonderful day!