New arrival says "hello". Crowd cheers.

Hello! Just registered and I'm really looking forward to starting. Hope you're all keeping safe and well! I'm from the UK and am Brunei-based for now. When not being a father, husband, handyman, taxi-driver, shopper and cleaner, I work freelance as an Environmental Science Consultant. I have a little business, lots of connections and a few contracts to keep me occupied. My main interest/experience are in carbon-rich habitat restoration/protection, Nature Based Solutions and Ecosystem Service Valuation.


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over 1 year ago

A warm welcome Ben! Lovely to have you join us and wishing you a fruitful training with WildTeam! If, at any point, you would like to share your lessons learned with our community on how you juggle all these different roles & responsibilities in your personal and professional life, feel free to do so (you can find our contributor guidelines through the link below). It may make an excellent piece for our wellbeing and resilience channel (second link below).