Hello, I'm Megan!

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Hi everyone, my name is Megan McDaniels and I'm coming to you from central Kenya! I work at an ecology and evolutionary biology research centre as a Science Fellow, where I support all of our scientific and research activities, manage three laboratories, and contribute to conservation initiatives led by the local government and private landowner alliances. My personal research focuses on elephant movement and invasive species, but I'm always getting involved with various ongoing projects like rhino microbiome analyses and camera trapping.

I'm excited to connect with other conservation professionals from all experience levels and backgrounds, and would like to learn more about community-based conservation initiatives, protected area and rangeland management, wildlife technology, and wildlife responses to land-use and climate change. I hope to purse a PhD in 2021 so I would also love to meet current and prospective grad students!

I am passionate about connecting research to policy and business to accelerate real-world conservation, and I enjoy scientific storytelling. In my free time you can find me capturing everything around me with iNaturalist, painting with watercolors, reading works by African novelists, and playing highly competitive games of Uno.

Megan McDaniels

Conservationist & Researcher, Mpala Research Centre

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over 1 year ago

Hi Megan, nice to meet you! my name is Iin from Indonesia :)

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over 1 year ago

Welcome to our community Megan - it's wonderful to have you join! If not completed already, please find our new member survey here, so you can let us know which activities you would like to undertake in our community. Have a lovely day!